Items are shipped using USPS.
Tracking is uploaded within the time specified in the listing.
Email notices are sent with tracking info, virtually all items on this site NORMALLY take about 1 week to make, and NORMALLY arrive in 2 weeks or less. However, these are not NORMAL times, COVID-19 MAY cause delays to SOME orders.
If you enter your email address incorrectly or fail to adjust your spam filter to accept emails from you may miss important shipping notices.
Different item types tend to ship separately, similar item types tend to ship together.
We are not responsible for items that are marked delivered, but prove to be stolen from your address. Make arrangements with your carrier to leave your packages in a secure location.

We are not responsible for items that are lost or returned to sender due to a bad address. You must enter a correct shipping address at checkout.

COVID-19 may cause delays from any or all parts of the National Supply Chain. These delays are unpredictable and may or may not affect all orders. Factories are operating with reduced staff and restrictions to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Customers of this website are expected to be understanding of this unfortunate situation. Purchasing items on this website at this time supports American workers, but comes at a cost, that cost is that your item(s) may arrive later than normal.

I hope for a return to normal arrival times soon, but in order to so so, every state is counting on citizens to practice social distancing and adhere to CDC guidelines. This is a WE issue, not a ME issue. So let's all do our part. As it pertains to shopping on this website, doing OUR part right now means being patient.