We are in the midst of a global pandemic. The disease is COVID-19 and there is no known treatment or vaccine. The national supply chain is experiencing lots of stresses and non-essential items are experiencing delays as essential items are prioritized in factories, shipments, warehouses, and storefronts.

These are unprecedented times and there is no clear answer as to how exactly the supply chain delays will affect shopping on this website.

Therefore after March 1st, 2020 shopping on this website will mean the following:

1. While normal production and shipping times are listed on product pages, COVID-19 may affect your order.

2. Orders may be delayed by up to 2 weeks during peak periods of stress on the national supply chain.

3. Orders cannot be cancelled during periods of delay due to COVID-19.

4. Refunds will not be given if you "change your mind" on an order placed after March 1. 2020.

5. Updates will be posted to this page as often as possible to highlight any current delays with products listed on this website.

6. Payment processors like Paypal have extended case response time for shops to help small businesses like this one cope with delays in the supply chain.

7. Filing a claim on a purchase made after March 1, 2020 due to COVID-19 delays will not result in a refund, Paypal Protection has pledged to cover this online shop for an extended period of time to allow shops like this more time to fulfill orders.

Here are some things to consider when ordering online during the COVID-19 Pandemic:

1. Your order for apparel is not essential.

2. Nearly all states have Shelter-In-Place orders with executive orders prohibiting gatherings of more than a few people. Therefore no customers should be purchasing apparel for the sake of "going to a party" or "going to an event". Such planning during this pandemic suggests that you are not obeying social distancing guidelines set forth by the CDC. As the owner of this website, and supporter of my fellow Americans, I will not tolerate customers who plan on breaking social distancing guidelines. The act of ignoring these guidelines is irresponsible and endangers people considered "at risk". 

3. While clothing is not essential, a small percentage of this website's contracted production partners are still operating with limited staff. Some production partners were forced to close in accordance with their local executive orders. Therefore apparel for this website is currently being made by a much smaller workforce than before the COVID-19 pandemic. Workers are operating at their highest capacity to keep pace with sneakerheads who have been spending their stimulus checks.

4. The workforce I contract with is TRYING their best to keep pace with orders. They ARE falling behind. They WILL catch up eventually. Customers of this website are expected to be patient and keep all of the above in mind. 

5. Customers are asked to be courteous and patient and refrain from too many inquiries. As soon as your item is produced it will ship and you will be sent shipping information.

6. Impatience, rudeness, and profanity will not be tolerated during this stressful time. It helps no one.

7. Your support is appreciated and expected if you decided to trust this website with your order. Your trust is returned with my dedication to apply just enough pressure to my production partners to get your item shipped as quickly as possible WITHOUT errors or flaws, but not so hard that they decide to cut off my contract.

Please visit the COVID-19 UPDATES page log for up to date information and if your order has been impacted by COVID-19 State Restrictions.