Please scroll down to find the most current updates. This log is updated as often as possible to alert customers on any delays or changes in the current daily operations of this website and it's ability to fulfill orders.


Cotton graphic t-shirts, cotton graphic hoodies, and cotton graphic sweatshirts are experiencing production delays. Normal wait times are extended by approximately 10 days.

All over print polyester t-shirts remain unaffected at this time.

Custom orders are experiencing a delay of about 10 days.

The no refund policy remains in effect.


I am happy to announce that I have secured additional capacity with external facilities to decrease the order backlog mentioned above. While cotton graphic t-shirts, cotton graphic hoodies, and cotton graphic sweatshirts are still experiencing delays, the delay time should begin to decrease in the coming week. I thank you for your patience during these very tough times. 

As a special thank you for hanging in there I will be offering any customers who had to wait 21 days or longer for their order to arrive a special 50% OFF one time use coupon. (50% applies to the full price of items, not the current sale price).


Once again, my few remaining operational production facilities are successfully clearing their backlogs. Your patience is appreciated. The offer above still stands for any customers who have waited 21 days or longer for their items. To qualify for the discount please do the following so my email automations can automatically add you to the discount list.

1. Send an email to with your order number in the subject and the words "21 Days" (example: #2100 21 Days)

2. In the body of the email include your order date and the name on the shipping address for the order.

The backlog is still around 10 additional days for production of anything with a chest or back graphic. This includes T-Shirts, Hoodies, and Sweatshirts. 

The All Over Print shirts are not experiencing production delays. If you want to avoid delays, order an All Over Print Shirt.


States are beginning to open up, businesses are gearing up to get back to their normal capacity, however with occupancy limited to 25% to 50% of the normal capacity in buildings, they are adapting and moving heavy equipment to space their facilities out to keep employees safe and operate within CDC and state mandated guidelines. NowServingShirts uses various printing businesses all over the country to manufacture the items on this website. These print facilities ARE currently catching up with orders.

There are still a few orders in the 1300 to 1400 range are delayed, these orders are over 1 month old. My sincere thanks to everyone of the customers who has had to wait this long. A special discount coupon will be provided to you for future purchases.

Orders placed after 5/1/2020 are seeing slight delays still, but not nearly as far delayed as orders placed in April.

Orders placed after 6/1/2020 should hardly be affected as we have routed these orders to newly established providers within our network.