This website's fulfillment centers are still dealing with supply chain issues. So sometimes there are slight delays in the production of an order. However, things are recovering! With your support and understanding we can keep workers safe and keep you fresh. 

What are we doing to prevent delays?

1. We are routing orders to newly contracted facilities so that no single facility gets overwhelmed with orders.

2. We are replying to email inquiries about orders and have a comprehensive FAQ page that will help you narrow down the delivery window for your item.

3. If you have concerns that are not addressed on the FAQ page, please use the contact page or email with your order number and question.


Things to keep in mind:

1. The workforce we contract with is TRYING their best to keep pace with orders. Sometimes they fall behind. We just ask that customers be patient if their orders are a little late. We are doing our best. 

2. Customers are asked to be courteous and refrain from too many inquiries. As soon as your item is produced it will ship and you will be sent shipping information.

3. Impatience, rudeness, and profanity will not be tolerated during this stressful time. It helps no one. If you inquire with rude language, your query may not be answered and your order may be cancelled. If your rudeness is extreme, you will be banned permanently from shopping on this site.

4. Mistakes sometimes happen. As workers are rushing to produce your order, if an error occurs please email a picture of the error to so we can correct and replace the error.

5. At this time, due to all the precautions and fragile work environment we are not accepting cancellations or returns. Please use the size charts to make sure you select the correct size, and please ask any questions before purchase.