Q. What is the status of my order?

A. All items on this website take about 1 week to make (as mentioned in their respective descriptions) and normally arrive in about 2 weeks or less (as also mentioned in their respective descriptions). If less than 1 week has passed, your item is still in production. If it has been more than 1 week since you ordered, and you have not received tracking info, please check this website for updates on what might be delaying your order. As of 3/1/2020 COVID-19 may interfere with normal production and delivery times. Check this page for more updates on COVID-19 delays.

Q: How do the items on this website fit?

A: Every item should have a size chart posted in the description. Please refer to the description. If there is not a size chart shown, please open a support chat request so one can be posted asap.

Q. Is my order delayed due to COVID-19 closures and stay-at-home executive orders?

A. If more than 1 week has passed since you paid and you still do not have tracking information, then you can conclude that your order has in fact been delayed.

Q. Why is my order delayed due to COVID-19?

A. This website partners with production facilities all over the United States. Due to state closures and varying executive orders, some of these facilities have closed or are operating with limited staff. All orders from this website are now being pushed through fewer production partners that are low on staff. This is creating a bottleneck that is causing a delay for certain products. 

Q. How long will my order be delayed due to COVID-19?

A. Delays, if and when they do occur, have been projected to extend wait times by about 1 week. These are unprecedented times so an exact number of days is not available. Please be patient and when your item ships you will receive a tracking number.

Q. Can I cancel my order if I don't want to wait out these COVID-19 delays?

A. No, the COVID-19 update page, and the general state of affairs and National State of Emergency, thorough media coverage of the current pandemic, and national stay at home orders should be enough to encourage you to be patient and understanding as small businesses like this one work their hardest to meet the non-essential demands of customers. 

Q. What types of items on this website are experiencing delays?

A. Cotton Graphic T-Shirts, Cotton Graphic Hoodies, Cotton Graphic Pullover Sweatshirts.

Q. What type of items on this website are NOT experiencing delays:

A. All over print apparel.