Sneaker Matching Shirts and Tees aka Sneakermatch Apparel

The term "sneakermatch" has become a common phrase among sneakerheads shopping online for apparel and merch designed specifically to match specific sneakers. If you went to the internet to find the best source for t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets, pullovers, crew neck fleeces, and other apparel to match Jordans, match Yeezys, or match your kicks in general, then you have come to the right place.

Chef of GourmetKickz has been designing sneakermatch apparel for well over a decade. His first endeavor into the world of shirts to match sneakers was in 2009 when the first Air Yeezys released. Chef launched his "Kanyesseur" shirt and hustled them out of his trunk from sneaker spot to sneaker spot across CT, MA, RI, and NY. Back then Chef's main focus was customizing kicks, but designing shirts to match kicks on the side was a passion that he never abandoned.

In the following years Chef rolled out more and more shirts to match Yeezys, Air Force Ones, Jordans, Air Maxes and whatever other kicks his clients needed shirts to match. The Kill Bill theme soon became one of his most popular designs and has been recolored to match dozens of hot sneakers.

Some companies claim to have been designing shirts for sneakers just as long as Chef but have had numerous designers under their employ during that time. The main thing that stands out about NowServingShirts is that there is 1 designer.. Chef.